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Cupid-Chat.com - Profile: faithful 31 - South Africa jeddah - [Sexuality: Straight]
is a photo personals website for singles

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Cupid Chat - User: 112-11276 faithful 31 South+Africa - jeddah (Image 1)

Cupid Chat - User: 112-11276 faithful 31 South+Africa - jeddah (Image 1)

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ID: 112-11276
South Africa
Height:167 Cm
Description:me me hmm.. i am shy, hounest and very furious , also loyal friend.
about who i would like to meet:
hounst , loyal, believer, faithful, funny, smart, good looking, had a good precepts, i don't care about where is he from?? does not matte.
i love to be in spotlight, bu [* xxx *] reat feeling..any w [* xxx *] to dance or read a good book , i read novels, stories, otopiographies, piographies, health, and any book may help in my life and lead me to be a better person with a happy life.. and this books must every[*] read:(brookland, by: emily barton).. any way i also love to do somethings new and change i dont like the rotain. i wrote poems?! lol
[*] more thing i have alot of dreams i want it to come true i hope [*] of it is to meet prince william. ohh i am going crazy to meet him ooh god he is so cute. and now i know that elton jhon gay!? never mind he is sir thats what it matte.
my biggest dream is the wars stops soon, i hope.
language:English - Spanish

Dating, Personals, Matchmaking, Singles, Romance, Love Cupid Chat is a photo personals website for singles

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