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Cupid-Chat.com - Profile: irish 34 - Philippines dagupan city - [Sexuality: Straight]
is a photo personals website for singles

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Cupid Chat - User: 112-11582 irish 34 Philippines - dagupan+city (Image 1)

Cupid Chat - User: 112-11582 irish 34 Philippines - dagupan+city (Image 1)

Invia ad un amico!!!
ID: 112-11582
Cittā:dagupan city
Altezza:168 Cm
Descrizione:we come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly. only after we have lost everything, are we free to do anything so go out there and not be perfect and not have answers to anything and see if people understand. love [*] person, take care of them, have a good life, be a good fr [* xxx *] t what it is that u need in order to feel happy al[*]. i am an agnostic and have grown up on my own and been on my own since i was old enough to walk. some people say life without religion is a road without direction and maybe i have grown up with neither of those but i was able to find a bigger revelation within myself and that has made all the difference. i have walked through fires that otherwise would have burned right through the armor that people wear their whole entire lives. i have come to realize that courage is not always measured by medals and victories but rather by the struggles that we overcome, the strongest people arent always the [*]s who win but thes [*]s who dont give up when they lose. llife is beautiful in that many things that seem to flow through it like water through a stream. friendships are like rocks that beds the ocean floor, some may say it lasts forever...others say it dulls out and eventually will disapear. but in a world like ours i am consi [* deleted *] ings continue living, though friendships do die out and eventually disapear...i have come to learn that a dry ocean need not rain to wash away its abrasions yet a single drop of water to bring to life an empty sea. i have only dated women in my life and am interested in finding a guy to be friends with. im a virgo and as unoriginal as it sounds i really do have 2 sides of me, [*] that ppl see daily and [*] that [* deleted *] ght moment. id like to say that im alot more than my age may indicate but i guess once we are stripped of everything we are all st [* deleted *]

Dating, Personals, Matchmaking, Singles, Romance, Love Cupid Chat is a photo personals website for singles

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