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Cupid-Chat.com - Profile: Zhang 39 - United States New York - [Sexuality: Straight]
is a photo personals website for singles

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Cupid Chat - User: 112-11639 Zhang 39 United+States - New+York (Image 1)

Cupid Chat - User: 112-11639 Zhang 39 United+States - New+York (Image 1)
Cupid Chat - User: 112-11639 Zhang 39 United+States - New+York (Image 2)

Invia ad un amico!!!
ID: 112-11639
United States
Cittā:New York
Altezza:175 Cm
Descrizione:some[*] say that an angel can kill a man' s inspiration.
but i can gain only more ambition to win ur heart if u r my fate love.

yes i am building a relationship that can bring us happiness, rise over sorrow&leave us regrettlessly even in the last moment of life.

open, intelligent, challenging,a rtistic, passion, tough&humor, i learn life is 2 short2 waste. so i paint with dreams. coming from china, a tough&old nation, i chase my dreams firmly through h[*]st&hard work, intelligence training&creativity. i grew up uniquely&drmaticly since a baby, different with any[*] u know. so i am very open,cur [* xxx *] l sustain ur any decisions&never bind u with any social bias.

in the past 8 years,i cumulated 1st hand experiences through tough entreprenurship experience,in city&rural areas,being as &dealing with architects, scholars, professionals, governors to the poorest. i discover both the world&myself to fulfill a exploration2transformation process. l[*]ly but firmly, i hold my faith of doing best,enjoying&learning from the process&changing the world. for this reason,those who know me admire my efforts and put hopes on my shoulder.

fortunately, 4 my intelligence promiss&my past efforts, i presently gain offers of 2best program in realestate from mit and columbia university.2 get the opportunity to step into wall street, dealing with m[*]y giants and intelligent people, leveraging necessary resources to the process of chinese urbanization and globalization, i chose 2 nyc start my new journey&i am aheading tonyc in agu 2007&pref [* deleted *] 5~8years. u can never imagine the feeling of renascenscence&contribution 2 thousands of millions of people only if u join this process.i enjoy this challenging process and gonna win the battles 4 my life&real freedom.as i plan it as a necessary part of mylife,no [*] can shake my determination,even u,my love.

but career is nothing but only a part of my life.with so many other dreams 2 create and reach, a life long dream-sharing lover is most important to my life.i am looking 4 a partner who is kind,creativity,independece&understands the challenges as well as the beautiful of the life.i am looking 4 a partner who appreciates my efforts&my dream.&i am looking 4 a wisdom partner who can not only enjoy evening party but also do down to the earth details with kind and love.it is a plus if she loves a life full of nature ventures as i am such as navigating around the world and explore the polar.those r parts of what i am struggling for a colorful life.

in a word, i am looking for a partner who and i really match &understand each other.the most important:we can back each other in face of risks and love each other wholeheartedly.&my love beyound any bind of defination.of course she is a real person but rare as treasure because i am also uique.

"i don't care who u r, where u from and what u do as long as u love me." since my life is full of challenges and dramatic, only the queen in my heart can step into my soul.

my parents changed their lives through unimaginable efforts.i will pay more to earn a colorful life&freedom for my family&me.this is a sacred&necessary task to me.

so if you agree with my life philosophy, we can make friends.and i am not going to be impudent to break any miracle and romantic of the world, not to mention my fateful love. i am not hip-pop star,stand-up comedians or any celebrities. i am ur friend,big fan&lover.&i will surpass myself to create my miracle with substential efforts.that is my contribution to the world diversity and your sincerely love.

don't hesitate to connect me if yo [* deleted *] welcome as long as u want to know more about china or me.i promise i deserve ur trust as a real friend in need.and i also want to hear ur advice and dreams. anyway, i am willing to stare ur eyes and feel an angel's heart with sincere love.
Hobby:for fun:
I am a big fans of sports not only for healthy and to build an athlete shape, but also to draw confidence, passion and persistence from the process. I jog 8km in 40 mins and do one hour body building perday. I love movies 2. I watch thousands movies

my job:
I started my entreprenurship as a junior in architecture, then transfered from a real estate developer to a govermener in urban planning. with hand-on experience I am aheading to Wall Street to attend Coporations as Goldman Sachs to promot my career

my ethnicity:
I come from China mainland, I view free and independenceas my only faith. I cherish truth and love. I don't care ethnicity and view everyone the child of this universe. I have no bias and will sure defend if discriminated

my education:
study both from school, internet and practice.BA in architecture. MS in philosophy in China brainpower institution. Now MS in Columbia Universty Urban planning and will concurrently initiate MS in real estate and career in finace.self-study style.

favorite hot spots:
wild place is my favoriate. I love nature. I want to navigate around the world, explore the ploars and the most challenging montains. I love the WILD beauty of africa as well as the civilization of Europe. I also enjoy the metropolis life.

favorite things:
any dilicious, white and black is my usual color. but I never refuse any fashion with clorful visul effect. dancing in rain and night on beach r romantic to me.I love singing, enjoying kinds of music and will encourage u to experience new things.

last read:
in fact, I never stop learnning and reading. to me, internet and movies, from ducumentary to holleywood r all my extension of study and reading. I DRAW ideas from any cretivity and classical works. Also wall street journal and bloomberg r necessary

Dating, Personals, Matchmaking, Singles, Romance, Love Cupid Chat is a photo personals website for singles

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